Girl’s education is the solution to climate change issues in Afghanistan.

Farhad Azima and other global leaders view girl’s education as the solution to climate change issues in Afghanistan.

“Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors in many poor countries,” says the World Bank in a recent report. “Unfortunately, it is also one of the most sensitive to climate change.” The worst outcomes center on pests, epidemics, and sea level rise. (WB)

Afghan men and women have felt the effects. In 2015 and 2016, the country did not have any snow. Vitally, snow irrigates the fields and keeps the system moving. Without it, crops suffered from fungus and mold. The rocky land does not keep water well. Most years see a heavy snow melt in the spring.

Farmers like Hafizullah, who harvests grapes, saw an 85% drop in income. This was not enough to feed his large family.

Luckily, his daughters had attended high school and had found work. Together, they work as teachers as the Zabuli Education Center.

Farhad Azima
Farhad Azima

What if they were not working? “I can’t imagine it,” Hafizuallah said.

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